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Benzino challenges Eminem & Royce 5’9″ on a boxing ring




In a recent interview with Queenzflip, Benzino challenged Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ for a fight on a boxing ring.

“I would step on the ring with any of these ni**as. I’m in a great shape and I would love to. I’ve started training boxing. I would like to step in on the ring with Royce or Eminem. We could do it like men. We got gloves on. We can f**king shake hands and this will be over. There’s a lot of built up animosity so why not go in the ring and put some gloves on like men. We can get money and put it in some charity for kids who needs help. After that it will be over. Lt’s get in there, punch each other, shake hands hag it out, after that we smoke blunt, drink some tea, have a coke and a smile and then life goes on.”

“If me and Eminem got in the room and Em just heard why I did what I did maybe he would understand. Even when Mike Tyson interviewed Eminem, Mike never brought it [Foolish Pride track] up, nobody ever brings it up. Nobody brings up anything about him and what he did and no matter what we do a blogger or podcaster can’t wait to bring up our s**t. He’s so protected. I’ve never seen nobody more protected. I would fight them both. One Weekend Royce and the next weekend Eminem. Em got trained by famous coach in Detroit. I’m sure he got skills, who knows I might get knocked out.”

You can watch the interview below: