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Eminem makes public service announcement



Image via: @eminem

Eminem’s highly anticipated 12th solo studio album, “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce)” will be released on Friday, and we are learning more about the album ahead of its release. Over the past month, Eminem has dropped two singles ahead of the album’s release –  a chart topping “Houdini” and Detroit anthem “Tobey,” featuring Big Sean and BabyTron from Motor City.

On Thursday afternoon, a day before the release, Eminem tweeted that the album is a “conceptual album, therefore, if you listen to songs out of order they might not make sense. Enjoy.”

Big streaming services, Apple Music and Amazon Music have also released the track list yesterday, without features. “Houdini” is the 11th track and “Tobey” is the 17th track. Check out the track list below:

  1. Renaissance (1:38)
  2. Habits (04:58)
  3. Trouble (00:42)
  4. Brand New Dance (03:27)
  5. Evil (03:50)
  6. All You Got (skit) (00:24)
  7. Lucifer (04:22)
  8. Antichrist (05:14)
  9. Fuel (03:34)
  10. Road Rage (03:38)
  11. Houdini (03:47)
  12. Breaking News’ (skit) (00:37)
  13. Guilty Conscience 2 (05:26)
  14. Head Honcho (03:55)
  15. Temporary (04:58)
  16. Bad One (04:30)
  17. Tobey (ft. Big Sean & BabyTron) (04:45)
  18. Guess Who’s Back’ (skit) (01:03)
  19. Somebody Save Me (03:50)

NOTE 1: In the brackets are the length of the tracks.
NOTE 2: Features have not been revealed yet.
NOTE 3: Those who preordered the album from Eminem’s website also includes TWO bonus tracks.

Guilty Conscience 2 appears to be a sequel to the 1999 Eminem song “Guilty Conscience” which featured Dr. Dre. Leading up to the album, Eminem also ran an advertisement in the Detroit Free Press for a fake obituary promoting the album. It was labeled “Obituaries” and titled “Slim Shady Made Lasting Impressions.” Other previews of the new album include an ad that ran on TV during the NFL Draft in Detroit that portrays the death of Slim Shady as a true crime TV show and two trailers for the album, in which Eminem spits on Slim Shady’s grave.