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Haliey Welch responds to Eminem’s shout out



Haliey Welch / Eminem

Eminem has unleashed another trailer, teasing the new The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce) centered around killing off his alter ego while tapping into the viral “HAWK TUAH.” trend by Haliey Welch.

The gloomy clip features Slim Shady’s tombstone on a rainy night. The gravestone is inscribed with “Beloved Antagonist Slim Shady 1997-2024 It Feels So Empty Without Him” in an homage to lyrics from his 2002 hit “Without Me.” A person walking by the tombstone hawks a loogie on the tombstone. Then seconds later, a battered and bruised arm emerges from the dirt, signaling a possible Slim Shady revival.

“It feels so empty without him” HAWK TUAH #TheDeathOfSlimShady 7/12,” Em captioned the graveyard trailer on social media. Fans found it hilarious that the Detroit legend was plugged into the trending topic. “Eminem saying Hawk Tuah was not in my 2024 agenda,” one person tweeted. Another replied in shock, “EMINEM JUST SAID HAWK TUAH AINT NO WAY.”

For those unfamiliar, per The Cut, the now famous Hawk Tuah Girl is named Hailey Welch. She went viral in June when asked in a Nashville street0-side interview about moves that make guys “go crazy” in bed, and she replied with the intimate spitting noise. “You gotta give them that hawk tuah and spit on that thing,” Welch said. “Ya get me?”

Few minutes after posting the trailer on Instagram, Hailey Welch commented under the post: “All hail the king. No one spits like Shady.” It’s a double entendre by Welch 🙂 “No one spits like Shady” means “No one raps like Shady” and it also refers to actual Hawk Tuah spitting :). Check the screenshot below: