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Crunchy Black weighs in on Eminem & Benzino beef




Crunchy Black from legendary Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia has recently sat down on VLAD TV where he talked about Eminem and Benzino’s recent beef.

Interviewer: I know you don’t speak on women’s beef. So we gon’ bring it over to the men. Eminem. This dude is like hermit of rap. You don’t see him and then he pops his head out and then he goes back into his cave. He came out with a diss record out of the clear blue sky against Benzino.
Crunchy Black: I’m an Eminem fan. God, why he do that? Benzino? That n-gga can’t rhyme. Benzino needs to just stop. Ain’t no way in hell you finna kill no Eminem dawg. Cut that s–t out. You pacing your raps together. This n-gga rapping like Megan Stallion with Nicki. Cut that s–t out. Y’all just wanna be known. You wanna be known? Shoot yourself in the lake.

Interviewer: Maybe you didn’t hear what I said. Benzino was sitting home, chilling. Eminem just dropped record out of the clear blue sky and it was a diss record against Benzino.
Crunchy Black: Yeah, he might smell the man s–t a long way but in real life that was something that was old. He just came back and thought about it and said okay. I don’t know what they got going on but a lot of folks been f–king up.

Interviewer: Benzino dropped two joints and both of them were dope. And don’t get me wrong. You are talking to Eminem fan right now. Eminem is bananas on the mic and anybody who know me I give credit where it’s due. I’m from the East Coast, I respect lyrics. But my man Benzino dropped two bangers. He came back strong.
Crunchy Black: He dropped two? Eminem dropped one and he dropped two? Then he lost again.

You can watch the interview below: