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50 Cent

Bang Em Smurf recalls Eminem signing 50 Cent to Shady Records & altercation with Suge Knight




Bang Em Smurf, one of the early members of 50 Cent’s hood gang who helped forming G-Unit, has recently sat down Cam Capone News where he recalled the early days of Eminem signing 50 Cent to Shady Records.

“When we got signed, before we actually secured the deal with Eminem, DJ Clue tried to come with better deal than Eminem but we declined that too. We declined all of them top executives. 50 wanted with Em and Dre. Eminem had to convince Dr. Dre to sign that deal. It was Em who really wanted Fif.” Said Bang Em Smurf.

Then he continued: “We recorded in the west coast but all the recording was not in the west coast. Eminem signed so we used to go to Detroit a lot too. We used to go to Eminem’s personal studio in Detroit. We go to LA cause that’s where the Interscope office was. I was in Dre studio. We were back and forth, we were everywhere with Fif, I was his righthand man, me, YaYo, before he went to jail. We were the ones who were making the moves. I’m the ni–a holding them down.”

“We were signed to Eminem, the biggest artist, that’s the great accomplishment. Eminem is still the biggest thing to this day. Ain’t nobody bigger than Em. Shout out to Eminem. That was a great feeling, great experience, thankful of being part of it. It was dope man, to see your dreams actually come true and unfold in front of you. Some dope s–t.” – Bang Em Smurf added.

Then he was asked about shooting the video of ‘In Da Club,” the lead single of Get Rich Or Die Tryin‘ album: “You know Suge pulled up. We was not going for it, we backed him down and he came with some Mexicans. Suge tried to press the video shoot but ain’t nothing happened. We held it down. Suge seen all them New York guys out there and they wanted no problem. He just dropped his cigar on the floor, stepped on it and left. That’s how Suge was. He’ll come to check the temperature, dig, so if he feels he could bully, he going to bully. He couldn’t bully that day but his presence was definitely felt cause all the executives and staff were going crazy all over the place. They scared to death. That was another dope experience. Eminem was inside at the beginning but then he came out outside, he ran and grabbed the vest and came outside with it.”

You can watch the interview below: