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Ja Rule says Eminem only dissed pop stars & his disses should not be considered seriously




Ja Rule has recently sat down with Math Hoffa, MECC, CHAMP, BIGGA and GAT on the latest episode of My Expert Opinion where he talked about many topics, including beef with 50 Cent.

At one point of the interview, Math Hoffa asked the Queens, New York-born rapper if he considers 50 Cent a battle rapper, on which Ja replied:

“No, I don’t consider 50 a battle rapper. I consider him a clout chaser. The rumor is the I’m supposed to be scared of him or G-Unit. He spread this rumor. How am I supposed to be scared If I go looking for the ni–a that I have a problem with and handle my problem? When I handled it, he sued us. Yayo also sued us.” said Ja Rule.

Then he continued: “[He ended up with someone like Em who was a battle rapper] But it was different. Em did it comical, fun. It was different. Em did it like it was not the same. And he did it with the pop stars. Britney Spears, NSYNC, Christina Aguilera. Who else? Canibus? That was after. That was still comical s–t. He was wearing Batman and Robin outfit while dissing the ni–as. It was fun. It was just comical.”

“When he took aim at me it was different thing. That’s what I’m saying. What was the angle for that? I never thought about X and J like I wanna go and s–t on X and J to get ni–as to f–king recognize me. That’s goofy s–t my ni–a. It’s goofy s–t and you know it.” Ja Rule added.

You can watch the interview below: