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Kid Capri says Eminem is hated cause he does “black stuff” better




During a recent interview on Audacy’s Hip-Hop Made podcast with host Mike Street, Kid Capri talked about his favorite rappers and how the majority of people decide on their Top 5 hip-hop artists.

The New York City DJ and rapper discussed how he believes that Eminem is denigrated because he is white and that he raps better than those who hate on him.

“Everybody goes by the popularity of the person instead of the real skill set. Everybody keep going at Eminem because he’s white. You’re mad because he’s doing Black stuff better than you are. Like 50 said. That’s what it is. The boy is nice, you can’t take that from him. Wisely use his name in your mouth every time. That boy is nice. You can not f–k with him on stage at all. ” said Kid Capri.

50 Cent said something similar years ago to defend Slim Shady from haters: “Hip Hop is Black music, without question, and, unfortunately for some people, it’s tough to accept that you have a White artist that does it better than Black artists.”

This is not the first time Capri made statements in defense of Eminem. During an interview with HipHopDX last year, he explained how Lil Pump dissing Eminem inspired his latest album, The Love.

“That was just one of the things that did inspire,” Capri said at the time. “I got tired of seeing the younger dudes thinking that the older people ain’t capable. Like we ain’t been here building this business from the ground up from day one.

Then he continued: “Sometimes, it is the truth. A lot of older people, they get out of touch. They don’t want the younger people to come in and do their thing, and it be just back and forth exchange.

“But when I watch Lil Pump disrespect a dude that became the Elvis of Hip Hop, this dude that sold millions and millions of records, created opportunities for so many people and is one of the greatest MCs on the planet, for him to just disrespect him like that, we losing our respect level.” he added.

Check out the new interview below.