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Celina Smith says she is Eminem’s cousin




The internet went crazy attempting to identify his lover after SteveWillDoIt shared a video of him and his girlfriend Celina Smith playing Minecraft in 2021.


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We all know SteveWillDoIt as a popular gaming YouTuber with a huge following of almost 9 million subscribers. He’s known for his daring and sometimes outrageous challenges, like eating a Tide Pod or snorting an entire bottle of cinnamon. But fans have also noticed a woman accompany him in his mind-boggling escapades. Who is SteveWillDoIt’s girlfriend, Celina Smith?


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As she claims, she’s a cousin of Eminem. In an interview last month, Celina Smith said: “Eminem is my cousin. Eighth cousin. Came up on my ancestry thing. I swear. And yeah, even my grandma was like ‘you know, that’s your cousin.’ Like way… Should I reach out? He would not believe me, I’m not gonna message him and be like ‘We are cousins.'”

You can watch it below: