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Conway The Machine regrets Griselda & Shady Records comments




During the conversation on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, Conway The Machine denied rumors of a rift in the Griselda camp, and wants to clear up comments he made last year regarding his previous contract with Griselda and Shady Records. He also made it clear for the audience that he, Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher have always been a “family,” despite having their own separate things going on with albums and labels from the start.

The Buffalo, New York native clarified that neither Westside Gunn nor Eminem’s Shady Records cheated him out of money. “It wasn’t nothing there, it just looked like it on the surface. I think fans just ran with certain d–khead s–t I done said and did in interviews. Certain fan theories that just led to the assumption that them boys is fighting and at odds.” said Conway.

The he continues: “Honestly, I operated out of my feelings. My brother ain’t deserve that s–t, man. West ain’t deserve that, none of that s–t that I was doing, saying in them interviews, man. I want to just be very clear: nobody owes me a penny, nobody stole nothing from me. West and them, Shady Records, nobody, all my business was on the up and up.”

“When I was saying in The Breakfast Club interview, how I didn’t read the contract and all that s–t, it wasn’t coming from a place of idiocy. It was out of loyal that I didn’t read that s–t. That’s my brother. I ain’t gotta read nothin.’ I know we good. That’s what that was.” Conway added.

Last year, Conway The Machine did an interview on The Breakfast Club and admitted that he never read the contract he signed with Griselda: “When we did that s–t in the beginning, I really wasn’t all the way — man, I’ma keep it a buck, I ain’t even read that contract, bro. I just signed that s–t and moved on, but unfortunately the contract wasn’t in my favor. I didn’t get no money. Shady gave me some pocket change. I did three contracts with Shady, Interscope and Griselda.”

You can watch the new interview below: