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Dr. Dre

DJ Quik says he deserves to be equal to Dr. Dre




Legendary DJ Quik decided to get somethings off his chest on social media while reflecting on his iconic musical career.

West Coast’s G-Funk sound architect expressed his thoughts that he believes his career should match the mainstream acclaim of his longtime friend, another legendary producer, Compton’s finest Dr. Dre.

“I know it is early. But I deserve to be where Dre is. I do not think it is fair, but I understand why. I have never had a machine behind me, that always hurt my friends more than it did me.” said DJ Quik on Twitter.

Then he continued: “This does not need to be on a podcast. Because you have fire starters, who want to spin everything to get more ratings. But the truth is: I love Dr. Dre, like a big brother, one I never had. It pains me when people pit us against each other.”

“I know I will never be as popular as I need to be, but I have 10s of artists superstars. And when they shine, I just smile. The janitor doesn’t get all the glory, but he keeps the backstage, clean as a triage.” DJ Quick added but the series of the tweets did not spot there.

“This is not a meltdown, I’m just expressing myself as neutrally as I can.” he said. You can check all the tweets below: