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50 Cent

The transgender model releases Benzino disstrack and 50 Cent can’t stop trolling


50 Cent is back on trolling mode again.

The two recording artists have had beef between them for some time now, and a recent diss track teased by  has only added fuel to Fif’s fire.

Yesterday, transgender model Shauna Brooks shared a preview of her new song, on which she throws shots at Benzino following his aggressive online attacks aimed at her.

“I was getting some head from Benzino, no neck / He was all on my line, I could show you the texts / He was begging for help / Love it when they go clap / He be loving on this a** / I be throwing it back.” – raps Shauna.

Once 50 Cent saw it, he started trolling Benzino by sharing the clip with the caption: “Oh s**t she better than Benzino. Shauna s**t sounding fire, he know he want this a**.”

You can check the post below:


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