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Joyner Lucas apologizes to Machine Gun Kelly: “You didn’t deserve that lame tweet”




It seems hackers have nothing to do with what Joyner Lucas said about Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem earlier this week. Yesterday, Joyner issued an apology to punk-rock artist after his rant aimed at the Lallapalooza Festival few days ago.

“A lot of people saying things about me ‘crying and complaining’ when s**t don’t go my way. Lot of comments telling me to ‘work harder and stop being emotional’… you know what? You right… I have a history of being upset at certain things and taking it to social media. I own that…Part of being a man is admitting when you f**ked up. I be getting frustrated when I feel like I am the underdog all the time. Maybe I ain’t put in enough work.‍ Maybe I think I am a bigger artist than what I actually am. Maybe you right. I own that. Real ni**a s**t.” tweeted Joyner.

In the following tweets, he apologized MGK: “As far as Machine Gun Kelly s**t goes,, homie ain’t have nothing to do with my rant. Jus got caught in the cross fire of one of my bitter moments. Def some sucker s**t to come at him for nothin. I own that and I apologize. Real ni**a s**t. I ain’t perfect. I am growing everyday… I can’t deny that sometimes I come off like a jealous a**hole but that ain’t the case. I am a fan of these ni**as. I think I been the underdog for so long, s**t made me feel like I deserve certain s**t. But who the f**k am I to determine what I deserve? Sometimes I gotta check myself.”

He added: “Lot of artists or people in general are afraid of checking themselves. I check myself all the time. I can’t throw a Tantrum and shoot at ni**as for nothin. MGK did absolutely nothin to me to deserve that lame tweet. If you are reading this, I apologize dog. Real ni**a s**t.”