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50 Cent

Joseph Sikora & 50 Cent send special message to Eminem




Few month back, Drew Barrymore and 50 Cent sent a selfie video message to Eminem in which Fifty says: “Yeah, we are on live TV. This big dog status stuff going on here. And look, I’m sending you videos of really hot, attractive women in them. You need to send me something back. I’d like to see a video in return of somebody special.”

Later 50 Cent shared what Eminem said once he saw the video. “Eminem text me and was like hey I know I am late to the party. I just saw the Drew Barrymore show. Bro you are crazy, only you would do something like that. LOL.”

Yesterday, 50 Cent visited Drew again, this time with Joseph Sikora and they sent Eminem another message, while eating Mom’s Spaghetti. “I’m Joseph Sikora and I’m 50 Cent’s second favorite white boy.” says Power TV show star.

Guest were also asked about the upcoming Super Bowl performance with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige. “I’m excited to see the show. That’s probably the best line-up I’ve seen for Super Bowl Halftime.” said Fifty.

You can watch the video below: