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Cordae says Eminem asked him to redo his verse & be more lyrical on “Killer (Remix)”


Cordae has recently set down with Bootleg Kev to promote his latest album “From A Birds Eye View.” The two also took a deeper dive in the into and interlude tracks of his new project and how personal this piece of art really hit at home.

At one point during the interview, Cordae was asked about working process with Eminem:

“We had two hours conversation about life and hip-hop. He has always been showing me genuine love and support very early on and I appreciate all love and public support I get because I’m not signed to him, so he does not have to do that. I don’t feel entitled for anybody to show me any type of love so any genuine love and support I get publicly, I really appreciate that.”

“You know, I did my first verse for ‘Killer (Remix).’ I sent it over to Em and I did it more like Andre 3000, E-40 type of flow and then Eminem called and told me ‘Yo, I wanted you to be more lyrical. Do some rap-rap s**t on it. I’m like ‘alright cool, whatever’ so he had me redo my verse because at first I thought this record was not for rap-rap, it’s more like a vibe sort of thing and that’s why I gave that verse but he was like ‘I want you to attack it’ and I’m like ‘alright, cool, lets try that.’ And if Eminem asks you to redo the verse, you redo for sure.” – said Cordae.

You can watch the interview below: