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Limp Bizkit mentions Eminem in a new song from their new album




Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto, DJ Lethal and Wes Borland are back as Limp Bizkit with new album titled “Still Sucks.”

The album includes a song titled “Love The Hate.” Fred Durst is rapping from haters’ perspective that making them sound like they are dissing themselves but Fred clearly does not care about his haters.

There is Eminem mention in a song too: “That motherf**ker Fred Durst / Looks like he fell out his mom’s face first / Yeah, you’re tellin’ me, he’s got no swag / His raps suck like a vacuum bag / That’s what’s up, my G / He the worst white rapper that’ll ever be / Sure as f**k ain’t no Eminem / Looks like he’s got Drake’s pubes on his chin / Yeah, he’s a punk, punk-a** b**ch.”

It seems Limp Bizkit haters often mention Eminem while slandering the rock-rap group.

You can listen to the track below: