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Wyclef recalls Eminem VS Canibus & Busta Rhymes going mad after hearing Eminem for the first time




The Fugees icon Wyclef Jean has recently set down with where he talked about Busta Rhyme’s reaction when he heard Eminem for the first time and explains why beef between Eminem and Canibus should had never happened.

“My Eminem experience, it was so…it was Eminem and Canibus. So, here is my Eminem experience, Busta Rhymes will tell you. When he came on my tour bus, he literally broke my tour bus

“He trashed my tour bus. You still owe me for my tour bus. But you know, Busta’s a giant. What are you gonna tell him? He will take you apart with one hand. He went crazy! Till today, I have nightmares of this thing. Busta trashed my beautiful tour bus after listening to this Eminem song.”

“My whole dream was to get Canibus with Eminem. That was my dream. I so wanted that to happen. I know that Eminem had so much love for Canibus. Canibus and Eminem are two of my favorite rappers of all time. I wish beef between them had never happened. I’m a huge fan. Eminem is a complete genius and so is Canibus in his space.” – said Wyclef Jean

Watch the entire thing below: