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New Song: Grip – “Walkthrough!” ft. Eminem




Grip has just released his Shady Records debut album “I Died For This!?” and a song “Walkthrough!” featuring Eminem came with it, produced by Eminem and MTK.

As fans expected, the song is bar-heavy, demonstration of technical skill, already regarded as the best Eminem verse since “Lord Above” by Fat Joe.

In the song, Eminem gives same kind of advice to GRIP as he gave Drake on a song “Zeus.” The Detroit legend raps: “GRIP, hold on to this moment / ‘Cause soon as you reach the top, they gon’ want you to fall from it / So you better grab your seatbelt / Like I did mine, and fasten yours / Like a motherf***ing plane-crash passenger / ‘Cause one day you’ll be crashing back to earth
And if you don’t ever stop to smell the roses / I do know one thing, that’s for sure / You don’t get your flowers ’til you pushin’ up daisies / And that’s about all your ashes earn.”

You can bump the new track below: