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Ed Sheeran reveals what him & Eminem were talking about four hours when they first met




In a new interview on Apple Music, Ed Sheeran talked about first time meeting and working with Eminem.

It was in Detroit and I was playing a gig in Detroit. And yeah, I arrived at his studio. He has got loads of games consoles there. He loves games. I actually bought him a Nintendo 64 with GoldenEye on it as a gift. Yeah. I just stepped in there.

Actually, the first time we met, we did not make music. I hung out there for about four hours, and we just spoke Marvel and Avengers for about four hours and then the next time I went back, we made a tune. The first tune we made, I was in Mexico and his producer flew to Mexico, and I did the hook there and stuff.” – said Ed.

Sheeran and Eminem have done three songs together, “River” and “Those Kinda Nights” for Em’s albums and “Remember The Name” for Ed’s album, which also features 50 Cent.

You can watch the interview below: