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Knxg Crooked responds Royce’s complaints about not getting involved in Lupe Fiasco beef




In a recent Live session on Instagram, Royce  Da 5’9″expressed his disappointment with some of his fellow Slaughterhouse lyrical-spitters for not getting involved in the beef with Lupe Fiasco: “Speaking of Crook and Joell, what are they up to? Watching me get jumped on? You know what I would be doing right now if somebody pulled this on one of my loved ones? I would have been rapped. I am disappointed in Crooked, I am disappointed in Joell. It is not about them wondering if I can handle myself in rapping. It is the fact that you are looking at me, and you are looking at two other individuals gang up on me on some lyrical s**t, and you just sitting there watching.

Kxng Crooked responded Royce in an interview with PsaHipHOP: “When Royce joke around like ‘Why Crook and Joell did not come jump in?! You are Royce the f**king five-nine! We already know you could go in there in five f**king minutes, and you could tear this s**t down. If you ever need us, we are always in your corner, that is one hundred. Right now the bigger picture is this: he has got a mental health initiative he is working on, he is doing s**t with the Detroit Pistons, they got Detroit day coming up soon with Marshall and Trick Trick, and all these people trying to create real change for their neighborhood, for the city. You are doing all this positive s**t on the one hand, and on the other hand, you are out here talking about tying ni**as moms up on this record. Not saying that is what he said, but to me, the bigger picture of that is ‘do you really want to be in that frequency over there? And that vibration? This is me and what I like to see my brother doing: I prefer to see my brother over there doing his mental health initiatives, helping the community, trying to change Detroit for the better. That is what I would rather see my brother doing.

Crooked continues: “I know a lot of people online want to see the back and forth, and that’s cool too. So half of me, ‘I am with you’, it is on that level too because I know what he can do. He is a killer. And the other half of me is like… more positive works for me these days. Because I am older. We could take that energy all the way to the Slaughterhouse reunion.

You can watch the full thing below: