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50 Cent

BREAKING: 50 Cent to release new album in September, talks possible Eminem feature




It’s been over seven years since 50 Cent released an album. Animal Ambition was put out in June 2014 via G-Unit Records and was met with mixed reviews.

In a new interview with Independent UK, 50 Cent announced that new music is on the horizon. The G-unit legend revealed that his highly anticipated Street King Immortal album has been scrapped but that a new album is on the way.

“That original version of Street King Immortal is not being released but I am releasing new music in September. Will Eminem feature on it? I did not finish the tracks with him…I am not gonna tell who is on it because I am the most exciting person on the album [laughs].” said 50.

Fiddy continues: “Eminem is still one of the best artists to me. He means more to the culture than a lot of other artists – a lot of people looked at him and saw themselves, and understood how they fit into hip-hop culture.”

For the full interview, visit Independent here.