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DJ Khalil compares Kendrick Lamar to Eminem




DJ Khalil has recently set down with HotNewHipHop where the super producer talked about numerous topics, including working experience with Kendrick Lamar, where at one point Seattle-born producer compared K. Dot to Eminem.

Interviewer: You said you look for emotion in music. Kendrick Lamar’s a master of conveying his emotions on wax and that is a reason why it resonates. As an OG watching someone like Kendrick grow and being close to his camp, what is it about his artistry in terms of playing with emotion that influences you? If it does at all.

DJ Khalil: I think that their approach to music is, like, they are not afraid. That is what I admire about Kendrick is he is not afraid to try stuff. He is going to try whatever and he will execute it. It is one thing to try it, but then to actually execute it? I look at him like Eminem. It is like, these guys just go in the studio and just and they are going to make as perfect a record as they can and they are going to try everything. It is that level of excellence that they operate with. You just can not teach that. That is what is inspiring to me. He is along those lines of Dr. Dre and Eminem and all those artists that are just next-level elite about every little detail and then it is authentic to him. He is not trying to be somebody else. He is just going to be him.

For the full interview, visit HNHH here.

DJ Khalil has worked with Eminem on many occasions. You can check out his production list for Eminem below:

• Eminem – “Talkin’ 2 Myself,” ft. Kobe

• Eminem – “Won’t Back Down,” ft. P!nk

• Eminem – “25 To Life”

• Eminem – “Almost Famous”

• Eminem – “Survival,” ft. Liz Rodriguez

• Eminem – “Kings Never Die,” ft. Gwen Stefani

• Dr. Dre – “Die Hard,” ft. Eminem

• P!nk – “Here Comes The Weekend,” ft. Eminem

• Eminem – “Castle”