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Benzino says he’s shooting video for “Rap Elvis,” says he got one more diss if Eminem responds




Benzino has recently done an interview on Diverse Mentality Podcast where he talked about “Rap Elvis,” Eminem’s place in hip-hop, The Game VS Eminem and more.

“Look at the fans he got. They don’t have diverse mentality. If they do, everybody would sell like a highest rate. Royce and Eminem put out Bad Meets Evil. About 2 months later, Royce put out his album and did sold nothing. How would you sell 500,000 and 2 months letter you sell 10,000? That means 490,000 white people did not buy Royce’s album. D12, it’s Eminem’s group. D12 tried to do their own thing but what is D12 doing right now? As big as Eminem still is, why he does not support Bizarre if he puts out a solo album? They don’t they support Crooked I when he puts out an album? They are not even supporting a small percentage of what Em does. He has 41 million followers on Instagram. Why are not those followers supporting his artists. Wayne brought them and look at how great Nicki and Drake are doing.” said Benzino.

Then he continued: “The Game is lyrically gifted. Since Game was part of G-Unit, a lot of people didn’t want to believe that Game is going against Eminem. A lot of fans didn’t believe it because they figured Game was an ally. When Game did it, it kind of shocked everybody. I think the diss-track that he did was dope as f–k but Eminem didn’t even respond.”

“I’m going to shot the video for my diss. I’m going to Miami to shoot it. The artwork for the diss was done by AI.” – Benzino added.

He also said that he’s not going to respond to nobody’s diss aside from Eminem and Royce 5’9″: “I’m waiting for his response. I actually got one ready. I heard Ca$his is getting ready to drop one. Shout out to Ca$his and all the rest of them but I’m not answering none of them. Royce, I would answer. If Royce comes, I’m gonna answer Royce. I’m not gonna answer nobody else. Not even 50 Cent. He’s not a battle rapper. I think I could chew Royce. I don’t think Royce is that nice. I think Mickey Factz chew him last time.”

Benzino also responded Joe Budden for supporting Eminem: “When Joe sees and opportunity to hop on Em’s meat, he’s gonna take it. He sees that opportunity to get back in it because Joe came back with his diss song and that sh–t just didn’t stick. I’m sure he’s like ‘damn, I did that. It didn’t stick and now Em hates me. So now he sees a way to get back in. Joe, Em will never come on your show. No matter how much you scrub his meat. It’s gonna never happen Joey. Save yourself. Have some dignity.”

Then he get back at Em: “Go diss some real MCs! The battle rap ni–as! Just call them out! What the f–k! Outsidaz, the whole group dissed you! Shout out to Aziz, I didn’t mention him. Go mention him! I know what it is! He’s scared! What else could it be? he’s nervous cause if they do take on him, his career is over. He’s probably sh–ting right now like ‘I can’t believe this s–t, [Benzino went hard].’ Never happened this. This is a glitch right now.”

You can watch the whole thing below: