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Benzino wants to sit down for conversation with Eminem




Following the release of Eminem’s “Doomsday Pt. 2” where Slim Shady makes fun of Benzino, the former co-owned The Source magazine has sat down with Adam on No Jumper podcast where the two talked about Eminem.

“As hip-hop evolves, yes, the greatest rapper of all time can be white, because hip-hop is evolving and all races are putting effort in it. As far as Dr. Umar, I see where he’s coming from but then the argument is basketball and how can Michael Jordan be the best basketball player but the thing is, hip-hop has been so personal to black people’s lives, other than just being a music…Everybody can have their favorites but he don’t cheer like that for nobody else. I think Dr. Umar like me just gets tired of this s–t, like bro, relax, okay, he’s good. Em can rap. I always say this. Eminem raps in certain way. He puts out a certain type of music. It’s really his own lane of music. But because that’s not my lane don’t get mad at me. I think Eminem fans take it so personal that they are like ‘he’s the greatest!’ Okay! He’s the greatest to you. That’s cool. To me he’s not.” said Benzino.

Then he continued: “Listen, I swear to you, my thing was not about the music. I had my own personal issues on what I thought on hip-hop and that’s probably where I made the mistakes by involving The Source. I’ve let my personal…That was my mistake. That was wrong. Business-wise it was wrong. You are not supposed to do that. That’s not good business but I don’t listen to his music anyways. Our situation was polarized because of the beef. Because of us going back and forth. But that’s what hip-hop was anyways. Big deal. I made few songs. He made few songs. So what? I’ve never even met Eminem. I would love one day. Before I go and before he goes, for us to sit down and just have conversation about hip-hop. That would be so epic to me because with us, it’s bigger than hip-hop. A lot of times it’d be Eminem fans, it don’t even be him, it’s his fans that make you…Most of the s–t I’ve said on the internet is probably because of his fans, not even him. Cause he does not even speak on s–t. He barely does.”

“Eminem fans think that I’m racist because of our situation and that’s silly, never been and never has been. I never said that Eminem wasn’t a great rapper. I think Eminem is a great rapper but I don’t listen to that type of music.” Benzino added.