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Battle rappers react after Mickey Factz says Eminem can beat anyone




Mickey Factz has recently shaken the battle rap world. Couple of days ago, the New York City MC tweeted that Slim Shady will not lose to any battle rapper if he comes back to the battle rap scene: “Eminem in a battle on any league wouldn’t lose. To anybody on his return. 100% winning in the building. The polls would also be broken. Just a fact of life.”

Few hours later, Mickey Factz received backlash from battle rappers and their fans, but some of them agreed. John John DaDon replied: “Saying Eminem can’t be beat in a battle by an active battle rapper is like saying Dirk Nowitzki could come back & win MVP right now! Probably the best rhymer of all time but bar for bar ni–as would pack him! The gas won’t help him.”

Real Deal also responded: “Do people think Eminem is going to show up to a battle rap stage and say “My bum is on your lips my bum is on your lips”. Again, he is going to rap. You won’t surely stand a chance to beat him on the polls or in a venue that you can pack out. Your only chance is a small room and even then how do you prove you “beat” him.”

Yunus also weighed in: “Imma keep it a stack, and this is probably the unpopular opinion, Eminem cookin at least 90% of battle rappers. Go listen to that KILLSHOT track he had for MGK and tell me that ain’t enough proof.”

Then Real Sikh entered the conversation: “Eminem prolly my FAVORITE, He’s an alien wit rhymin, and if he battled he would have some s–t! BUT, not for 3 rounds. It’s different when 20 mins passed and its only round 2, you tired and gotta keep up personality, projection, energy, lyricism AND be digestible.”

On that, LOSO replied: “Bro … i get what you’re trying to say … but 90% of the fans in that room won’t know what a PG or a crucible is lol. They literally will be Eminem fans. So on a technical, Battle rap era, 2024 lens sense … yea he would lose. But in all reality, He won’t lol.”

A.Ward also shared his opinion: “I definitely think Eminem could beat 95% of Yall. Not me though lol.” On that, Mike P replied: “My exact thoughts. “maybe y’all””

The Saurus said: “I dunno why the “if Eminem did a battle” convo has resurfaced but I’m definitely going back to sleep to avoid hearing it.”

During a recent in Clubhouse, Aye Verb said: “Can Eminem rap words with anybody on the planet? Yes. Can he fight against our top fighters? No. Impossible. I know some people who wanna challenge that theory but you shouldn’t cause I’m god here. That won’t happen. Not our dangerous frontline guys but anybody else? Absolutely. He’s phenomenal rapper but battle MC is not the same thing.” On which Yoshi responded: “I disagree. That’s Eminem. I got him smoking pretty much everybody. He’s amazing.”

Later, Mickey Factz and battle rapper Jay Blac did an interview with Threeletterman3 and Jay basically agreed what Mickey Said. You can check entire thing in the video below: