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Dr. Dre

King T reveals Dr. Dre’s first ever record label name before “Aftermath”




Despite almost having a different name, Dr. Dre‘s Aftermath Records is now a well-known brand because of the legendary producer’s solo success after his time with N.W.A. but according to King T, the label had different name at first.

In a recent interview with the Murder Master Music Show, veteran Compton emcee who goes by the name of King T recalled his brief time on the label as their first-ever act and revealed it had a whole different name then.

“I’m like one of the first artists he wanted to sign. We just ended up in the studio up at Record One, they just put on a beat and I just knocked it out. It was so easy and I was just happy to be there. The rhymes just came, Str-8 Gone was one of the best songs I’ve done in my career. I was just happy to be working with Dr. Dre.” said King T

Then he continued: “They didn’t even have the name of the label Aftermath when I did that song, they was calling it something else. I was there before the name Aftermath even came about. I think it was something like Black Market or something, I can’t remember.”

“You know what it was something like Black Market, but somebody else had it, they were trying to sell it to Dre for some buku money. They ended up putting the ‘Str-8 Gone’ song on the first compilation they ended up putting out on Aftermath, but it was a great song.” – King T added.

You can listen to the interview below: