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Xzibit talks relationship with Eminem & making of “What’s The Difference”




Xzibit dropped by the neighborhood to speak with Big Boy about working with Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg. In celebration of 50 years of hip-hop, he explains the stories behind some of his most iconic songs, remembers performing for 250,000 people, and explains how he started working with Dre. Xzibit also recalls hosting “Pimp My Ride”, discusses the “Up In Smoke” tour, and shares his previous stage names. Plus, he reveals that his next album titled “King Maker” might be his last solo project.

“Eminem is dope man. When I think of Eminem, I think of, you know, the things I saw him overcome and the things that he has been able to build and keep his dignity and his respect with the culture, is amazing.” said Xzibit

Then he continues: “It absolutely bothers me when people does not give a credit to Eminem. It’s not easy to do what he has done. What I’ve done. What Royce has done. What Crooked I has done. What Rass Kass has done. Being a lyricist is like trying to be a Samurai. It is a difficult path to walk. It’s sad to see people are so easily trying to dismiss Eminem and it’s not just Eminem. This is like for all of our greats. Hip-hop eats its own. You don’t see Rock & Roll cats telling Rolling Stones they need to get off the stage.”

Then X and Big Boy continue talking about “What’s The Difference” single and Up In Smoke tour. “What’s The Difference was already done. It was Dre, Hitman and Em on the record. Hitman was on lots of songs on 2001. So, Dre was like, ‘I wanna give a spot to X.’ So, he pulls Hitman off and asks me if I wanted to take a shot at the verse so I did my verse on it. Dre didn’t play the verse. He only played the beat. I had not heard Eminem verse. Only the hook was on there.”

You can watch the interview below: