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Phresher says Eminem calling him was best day of his life




Phresher, who has collaborated with Eminem on “Chloraseptic” and “Chloraseptic (Remix)” from Revival album, has recently sat down on Conversations With Zo’s Episode 137 where the Brooklyn rapper revealed that the best day of his life music-wise was teaming up with Slim Shady.

“When it comes to music-wise, the best day of my life is clearly an Eminem call cause it was more than money. Eminem is the guy to look up to. My favorite rappers, Jay-Z and Eminem, all day. Anybody can tell you that. So, to get a call from your favorite rapper and he wants you on his album. That’s not real bro! That’s not real! That’s not supposed to happen.” said Phresher.

Then he continues: “He was like ‘yo, call me Marshall.’ I’m like ‘Yo, call me Marshall? WHAT’ It was crazy man, that was not real. And then performing with him, at Governor’s Ball, and he rapping my s–t. You see that, you can go look at that. He adlib my show, this is not normal! I’m a kid from Brooklyn, he’s from Detroit. We are not supposed to link like that. That’s crazy man.”

You can watch the interview below: