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Charlamagne, Ebro, Young Guru, Lowkey & more share their thoughts on 50 Cent VS Lil Wayne Verzuz battle




Ebro Darden has recently said that 50 Cent would “wash” Lil Wayne in a Verzuz battle, causing an uproar on social media in the process. Check out how hip-hop world responded to 50 Cent Vs Lil Wayne Verzuz battle.

Ebro Darden

“What Jadakiss did to Dipset…Is what 50 will do to Wayne… @yourboyeddie wasn’t outside in the mid-2000s.”

Eddie Francis

“I seen Ebro’s opinion and I was like, ‘What?!’ In what world? I’m not even here to say 50 could beat Lil Wayne, but to say that 50 would wash Lil Wayne? In no dimension, in no world, in no — just no! That would not happen.”


“I’ma say something and I’ma stand on it: Wayne don’t have a Get Rich or Die Tryin, We’re talking about a Verzuz battle, right? We’re not talking about what we like. We’re not talking about what we grew up on. We’re not talking about what we listen to when we’re in the kitchen cooking or driving down whatever highway in L.A. that you drive down. We’re talking about in a crowd. We’re talking about 50 Cent. This man is a mainstream monster; Wayne is a cultural mainstream monster. But when we talk about these hits? When we talk about these bodies of work? When we talk about these smashes? I ain’t saying 50’s gonna wash Wayne, but if Wayne is not sequenced right and is not positioned correctly, that could be a very long f–king night for Dwayne Carter. No disrespect to Wayne”

Charlamagne Tha God

“What is Lowkey talking about? Yes, Lil Wayne does not have Get Rich but he has a massive amounts of hits. I love 50 Cent but one album can not win the Verzuz. 50 Cent is gonna need more than just Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ to go against one of the top 5, potentially top 3 greatest rappers of all time. Lil Wayne could literally start in 1998 and come up all the way up to Young Money era. We talking +25 years. You will catch hell going against Lil Wayne in Verzuz 20 songs songs against 20 songs.”

Young Guru

“For the record, y’all are crazy. Wayne would wash 50. Period.”