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Fans react to Doja Cat & Eminem song rumor



Doja Cat / Eminem

Taking to Twitter couple of days ago, the Grammy-winning singer and rapper Doja Cat announced her upcoming fourth solo studio album, titled Hellmouth.

“DC4 has a title now,” she said before tweeting the hashtag “#hellmouth.” She also changed her Twitter profile picture to Hellmouth cover.

In a recent interview with Variety magazine, Los Angeles, California-born hip-hop artist revealed that she was going in a “more masculine direction” with the follow-up 2021’s album Planet Her.

“I know that I have done a lot of pink and soft things, a lot of pop and glittery sounds, but for this next era, I’m going in a more masculine direction.” she said.

While there is no tracklist available, @TwtLeaks twitter accoutnt sparked the big rumor about Doja Cat teaming up with Eminem for one of the tracks off the new album. “I Just Know… This Doja Cat X Eminem Collab is about to go CRAZY … a collab we didnt know we needed” the mysterious account tweeted.

One of the fans replied: “If this is true i wonder what the song gonna sound like we all know eminem gonna kill it as always and then that’s gonna be an eminem song not doja cat song.” Another said: “OMG eminem knows real talent and that’s why he rejected cardi and decided to collab with doja.” One user added: “Eminem finna wash her but i’m here for this collab. Really interested in seeing how it comes together.”

Check out the tweet below and tell us your opinions of possible Doja Cat and Eminem collaboration under the comment sections of our social media accounts.