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Dr. Dre

Busta Rhymes says new album is done, shouts out Dr. Dre on a new song snippet




Busta Rhymes has shared some great news about his next body of work. The follow up of Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God is officially complete, according to the legendary rapper himself.

Busta has recently took to Instagram where he shared the update on the upcoming project and dropped a shout-out to DJ Kay Slay, who is fighting COVID19 at this moment.

“New Album Done. DJ Kay Slay you on my mind while I’m recording King. Keep Fighting!! We need you and we got too much shit left to do.” said Busta in the caption while previewing new song snippet, giving shout out to Kay Slay and Dr. Dre:

We gettin’ gutter while I’m listenin’ to Kay Slay/ Or West Coast, looks like it’s Dre Day,” he raps on the track.

Check the snippet on Busta’s Instagram below:


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