Westside Boogie freestyles on Dezzie Gee’s “A Trip To The Corner Store.”

Shady Records’ Westside Boogie spits two new freestyles for Dezzie Gee’s “A Trip To The Corner Store.”

During a short video, Boogie snaps over two instrumentals, including K8do’s viral TikTok hit song “Go Off.”

Some of the quotable lyrics from the song includes: “I’ve been lurking in the deep end, I’ve been searching for a meaning / All these b**ches got secrets, all these ni**as got demons / I see that I done lent a helping hand to the ruin / Oh I understand that now that I’m fluent in influence / Take this little bit of light, spread this little bit of glow / Show my ni**as they can heal, then put my foot up in the door.”

You can watch the freestyle below: