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Joe Budden hints at returning to rap



As the Slaughterhouse reunion talks continue, Joe Budden might seriously be considering a return to rap, as he tells Benny The Butcher that he wants to do a song with him in the future.

“Benny, we are going to rap together one day and you are not going to say that ‘Butcher Coming’ s**t when I’m there. We are going to rap together one day and I gotta get him to tuck that ‘The Butcher is Coming’ away.”

Looks like, Benny is down to team up with Joe as the Griselda rapper responded on Twitter: “lol let me pick all the beats for a new Joe Budden tape and drop it on Black Soprano Family. Would be crazy trust me.”

Joe Budden replied with eyes-open-wide emoji and later on, he teases his return on Instagram comments. Check it below: