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N’SYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick talks getting dissed by Eminem




Chris Kirkpatrick from once-viral pop group NSYNC has just talked about his reaction to being dissed on Eminem’s “Without Me” song from 2002. He says he might know the reason that Eminem felt that way.

In the song Eminem raps: “Anybody who’s talking this s**t, that s**t / Chris Kirkpatrick, you can get your a*s kicked / Worse than them little Limp Bizkit bastards” You can check out the new interview below.

Do you realize that you really made it when you become an Eminem lyric?

Yeah, either you really made it or now you’ve got beef with somebody that you look up to and you’re like what the, what happened here. At first, I was kind of freaked out and then of course nowadays I think It’s amazing because that song is one of my favorite songs, and then to have my name in it too. It’s just like I did something right or wrong.

When did you first find out about that?

We were in Miami doing a show, we were on the bus coming back from Orlando on the bus and I started getting all these text messages and everybody was like Yo have you heard the new Eminem song, he makes fun of you in it and I’m like yeah well he always does and sync rhymes with everything. They’re like ‘no you,’ I’m like what do you mean me, they say Chris Kirkpatrick. I’m like he says Chris Kirkpatrick in a song, what the hell rhymes with it. And then I heard ‘get your a*s kicked’ and I’m like oh yeah I guess that does rhyme.

Did you ever talk to Eminem after that, you guys would cross paths a lot you’d be at the same Award shows.

Yeah, we did but I never got a chance to meet him. For me it’s kind of the ultimate flattery because like I said, I worship, Eminem is one of my favorite artists and I’ve always been a big fan and It was just to be in the song, whether or not he wants to kick my a*s that’s fine but to be in the song was just… If he really hates me then did the absolute opposite of what he should’ve done to get me back. Eminem was like the crocodile hunter, he liked the controversy he liked to get in with crocodiles and that’s why people listen to him and he’s got great music.

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