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Treach agrees on what Eminem rapped about Drake on “Zeus”




Legendary rapper Treach from legendary hip-hop group Naughty by Nature, has recently set down with Sway In The Morning for an interview. At one point, Treach was asked what he thinks about Eminem’s longevity reference on “Zeus” where he namedrops Drake.

“Of Course I can relate what Eminem said, you know what the thing is, a lot of artists did not understand that. We didn’t understand. When you come out there and you think like this is forever. Like I am going to keep making these records. I am going to keep getting these radio plays. I am going to keep shooting these videos. Keep boom boom boom. One thing that is definite in the game that we have seen is if you on your dean is torment until the pandemic comes. You got to realize you are looking at a decade if you are blessed. A decade before you considered old school and the new doors opening up for the younger artists coming out. Because Hip-Hop has always been a new artist game.” says Treach.

Listen to the interview blow:


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