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Rayfield Holloman talks touring with Eminem & why 2020 Eminem tours were canceled




In the latest Tour Tales episode, guitarist Rayfield Holloman talked the touring experience with Eminem. Check out the interview below.

Interviewer: From there, how did you connect with Eminem?

Rayfield Holloman: Adam Blackstone. He’s the chief dot connector. My introduction to Em was me filling in for Adam playing bass. Adam asked me and it felt like a daunting task because the guitar is my main instrument. To fill in for someone as skilled as Adam on a show with Eminem felt a little daunting at first. I definitely got through it. Once I met Eminem, I saw how cool and down to earth he was. In rehearsals, he’d be cracking jokes. It made me feel comfortable in that space. It was a relaxed atmosphere. He doesn’t make you feel you have to meet a certain standard. As long as you’re doing your job, you’re good. It was awesome to see how someone who is such a legend could be humble and super chill. I’ve seen large crowds at 50,000 seat stadiums and festivals. But, I had never played crowds larger than Eminem crowds. When Eminem does a show, especially overseas, it’s no less than 60,000 in the audience. To be in Milan, look out in the crowd, and there are 98,000 people there, I’m like, “Oh my! He’s a god.” They were all there to see him.

This was Milan. from r/Eminem

Interviewer: What is the wildest fan reaction you’ve seen at an Eminem show?

Rayfield Holloman: I’ve seen a few girls in the crowd topless at Eminem shows. I’m not going to hold you, I love shit like that (laughs). I love when you give it your all and be free. I think it was in Australia when we toured a few years ago. I’ve seen people bare it all out there.

Interviewer: What song during his shows do you feel fans can hear your biggest contribution?

Rayfield Holloman: I think one song where the guitar is highlighted would be on the song “The Way I Am.” At the end of that song when he performs it, there’s a guitar solo. It’s a highlight of the show. It’s when Em walks off and allows him to go backstage to take a breath. At the same time, it’s a very dynamic moment musically.

Interviewer: What shows did the pandemic cancel for you and what will be its long-lasting effect on touring?

Rayfield Holloman: In 2020, I had a whole calendar full of shows with a band called Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Robert is family to me and I’ve been touring on and off with him since 2006. We had a lot of shows lined up for 2020 that got cut short along with other possible opportunities. Even with Eminem, there were some things that were in the works that got shut down.

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