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Battle rap legends Murda Mook & Math Hoffa explain greatness of Eminem




About a year ago, Murda Mook hit Math Hoffa on his “MY EXPERT OPINION” show where the crew discussed the possibility of Eminem returning to a battle rap scene, why MGK and Nick Cannon lost the beef with Em and more.

“I am disgusted at you for being in this battle rap culture and saying you do not think Eminem can come and battle. This is literally how he became Eminem to you. The s**t we are doing, he WAS doing that! This is what he does! His verse on “Lord Above” .. Everything is double entendre.” says Murda Mook

“No bulls**t but I’m more on inside of Eminem’s camp trust me. There is strong possibility that he might come back to battle rap cause he really loves it. Remember ‘Rap God’ ? That was the challenge for every rapper in the industry! He told us ‘I dare you ni**as to say something.'”

“Eminem is entire brand culture. There is lots of different dynamics that come with ‘Eminem’ the name. It’s not just a rapper. I know what Eminem is capable. He can drag all of us in to this and it might not be enough to beat him. He watches battle rap that much.” says Murda Mook.

Watch the entire thing below: