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50 Cent

Ja Rule says 50 Cent used to want to do a song with him to get big




During a recent interview with Math Hoffa, Mecc, Champ, Bigga, and Gat on My Expert Opinion, Ja Rule recounted a conversation he had with 50 Cent many years ago, during which he expressed his interest in collaborating on a song together. Initially, everything seemed fine between them.

“I use to go over to Jam Master Jay’s studio when he was signed to JMJ because Black Child was over there. He was also signing to JMJ. So I go over there, go see my n**ga Black. And you know… I was already on. I had a record deal with my n**gas Cash Money Click, so he used to kick it with me. 50 Cent used to want to do a record with me. The record never got done.” said Ja Rule.

Then he continued: “I got nothing against him but the record never got done. I’m busy, I’m running around, I’m trying to do things. It’s no slight to nobody, it just didn’t happen We had our first encounter in Atlanta. We had a talk. Uncle Chaz came to me, said, ‘Yo, homie ’bout to pull up. Would you want to have a conversation?’ I said, ‘Alright cool, we’ll have a conversation,'”

“And when we had a conversation — ‘Yo, it’s just a record. You know I’m just trying to get out there. Chump s–t, wack s–t. I’m a real artist, n**ga. I’m a real n**ga. This is wack to me, n**ga. I don’t give a f–k. If we’re gonna talk about it. Let’s talk about it. And I know what n**gas is gonna say at home. ‘Why are you talking about this 30 years later?’ I don’t want to talk about this. My n**gas right here want to talk about this. To me, 50 is not a real artist. That’s not a real man. It’s not a real n**ga. You know what I’m saying? To want to pull down other n**gas to pull yourself up? That ain’t my style. If you a real n**ga, go make your records and shine.” he added.

You can watch the interview below: